Bubble Waffle visionary, Albert Yee

Bubble Waffle visionary, Albert Yee



Two guys were sitting in a hotel lobby…

Bubble Waffle Shoppes was imagined in a hotel lobby in downtown Milwaukee, WI, after watching YouTube videos of Hong Kong street vendors creating amazing dishes with this funny looking waffle.

Our visoinary, Albert Yee, decided to bring this concept to the Panther Arena, believing the variety of flavors and options would be an instant hit with local sports fans and dessert lovers alike.



Bubble Waffle Shoppes specialize in the sale of freshly baked waffle dough prepared according to our proprietary recipe. All of our waffles are made fresh and can be filled with ice cream, custard, yogurt or whip cream and then personalized with a variety of toppings and drizzles.   

We focus on flavor indulgence while providing our guests with a fun, interactive dessert experience.