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A few of our Bubble Waffle favorites

A few of our Bubble Waffle favorites

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Using a traditional Hong Kong Egg Waffle recipe we are changing the way sports and entertainment do dessert.  Our Bubble Waffles are cooked fresh and made-to-order in plain view filling the air with that delicious homemade aroma that your guests crave and will come back for. 

Ingredients matter to us. We use only the best local Wisconsin ice cream, homemade blueberry compote, and lemon curd from grandma's secret recipe.  From the moment your order is placed, you get to watch as we scoop, fill, top and sauce your order. Our friendly staff works magic to create your personalized dessert.

Bubble Waffle visionary, Albert Yee

Bubble Waffle visionary, Albert Yee

our story  

Two guys were sitting in a hotel lobby…

Bubble Waffle MKE was imagined in a hotel lobby in downtown Milwaukee, WI, after watching YouTube videos of Hong Kong street vendors creating amazing dishes with this funny looking waffle.

Bubble Waffle Shoppes specialize in the sale of freshly baked waffle dough prepared according to our proprietary recipe.

All of our waffles are made fresh and can be filled with ice cream, custard, yogurt or whip cream and then personalized with a variety of toppings and drizzles.   

We focus on flavor indulgence while providing our guests with a fun, interactive dessert experience. 


Using a traditional Hong Kong Egg Waffle recipe we are changing the way sports and entertainment venues do dessert. cooked fresh and made to order on site, Bubble Waffles add a live action aroma that your guests crave.

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Something extraordinary out of the ordinary.

Like our products, we know your event is unique, so we didn't stop with dessert.  Our sweet and savory options are perfect for brunch menus, as add-ons to a traditional event, or as delicious stand-alone items for your next office party.

Bubble Waffle Shoppes specializes in creating memorable dessert experiences with traditional Hong Kong Egg Waffles. All are made fresh on site and filled to your guest's specification. With a flexible menu, you can pick from extraordinary to traditional toppings or simply customize a special dessert that shows your guests how you waffle.

Whether it's a dazzling customized menu or a build-your-own dessert bar, Bubble Waffle Shoppes will make your next event spectacular!  Contact us for guidance and questions as we'd love to cater your next event!